Skin treatment

Skin preparation

Skin preparation

A fluid expressly developed to gently eliminate exfoliation, sebum plugs, and impurities thanks to the fruit acids present in the formula.

Its main role is to help the penetration of the subsequent products and thus to increase their effectiveness. Particularly suited before each treatment.

Vitaxil System

Hairloss prevention treatment

Prevents the hair fall

Active ingredients: Vitaxil system action (it allows to efficiently contrast hair loss in a simple and final way), Guaranà (stimulates and favours the hair’s natural re-growth by strengthening its structure)

Benefits: Healthier and stronger hair.

Products: Hairloss prevention shampoo, Hair loss prevention treatment

Purify system

Purifying treatment


Active ingredients: Purify system (antimicrobial action), Eucalyptus (antiseptic refreshing), Myrtle (rebalancing anti-dandruff)

Benefits: liminates and prevents the reappearance of dandruff, giving an immediate well-being

Products: Purifying shampoo anti-dandruff

Sebo Control System

Rebalancing treatment

Greasy hair

Active ingredients:: Sebo control system (sebo-regulating action), Citron (disinfecting and depurative action), Zinc PCA (purifying)

Benefici: Healthier and lighter hair from the very first application

Prodotti: Reequilibrating shampoo - sebum regulating action