Skin Protection System

Ammonia-free dye cream with argan oil

Active ingredients and benefits: Is permanent oxidation dye based on argan oil. Its innovative ammonia-free formula contains the exclusive skin protection system that reduces the risk of allergic reaction.

Thanks to its high vitamin e content the argan oil makes hair shiny and offers protection against polluting agents, and the revitalising action gives hair vitality and glow.

Lightens up to 2 tones and covers 100% of grey hair. Soft and creamy texture, with a pleasant flowery scent.



  • 1/0 black
  • 3/0 dark chestnut
  • 4/0 chestnut
  • 5/0 light chestnut
  • 6/0 dark blond
  • 7/0 blond
  • 8/0 light blond


  • 6/4 dark blond copper
  • 5/88 deep violet light chestnut
  • 6/95 dark blonde mahogany brown


  • 4/9 dark chocolate
  • 5/9 chocolate
  • 6/9 gianduja
  • 7/9 light brown


  • 5/3 light chestnut golden
  • 7/3 blond golden

Oxigen Colour System

Oxygen colour system

Oxidizing cream perfect bleaching

Active ingredients: Conditioning protective agents (help the hair stay soft and hydrated after bleaching), Apricot fragrance (gives the hair a deliciously fruity scent)

Benefits: Protects the hair during bleaching, giving you brighter, all-over colour.

Products: Oxiding cream 250 ml, Oxiding cream 1000 ml, Professional dust free bleach

Multivitamins System

Nourishing and colouring

Treatment with multivitamins

Active ingredients and benefits: Natural formula: an extraordinary combination of multivitamins for healthy and shining hair. Easy to use: thanks to its creamy texture, it can be applied without any problem, achieving amazing results since the very first application. Perfect colouring action: the original formula guarantees a total coverage of grey hair with strong shining results.



  • 10 raven black
  • 20 black
  • 30 dark chestnut
  • 40 chestnut
  • 50 light chestnut


  • 66 deep red
  • 45 beaujolais
  • 520 plum


  • 645 terracotta


  • 49 chocolate
  • 69 caramel
  • 83 light golden blonde


  • 60 dark blonde
  • 70 blond
  • 80 light blond
  • 90 super light blonde
  • 100 ultrablonde
  • 71 ash blonde
  • 73 golden sand

Natural Colour System

Colouring cream

Permanent colour for all hair types

Active ingredients: Natural colour system (protects and restructures the hair as you colour it), Gamma-orizanolo (nourishes the hair deep down, making it soft and silky), New generation micropolymers (penetrate the hair shaft, guaranteeing rich, Shiny, long-lasting colour.)

Benefits: Longer-lasting, brilliant colour that cares for the hair and covers every trace of grey.

Products: Colour cream


  • Natural
  • Deep Natural
  • Ash
  • Beige
  • Golden
  • Copper
  • Mahogant
  • Violet
  • Red
  • Intense red
  • Ultrablond
  • Brown