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The first comprehensive range of professional treatments

"All in one" formula: fascinelle combines innovation and professional expertise in a wide range of high-performance products, addressing your every hair care need.

Fascinelle’s wellbeing programme for hair uses 3 simple steps/target areas to get the desired results: gorgeous, healthy, shiny hair.

  1. treatment profession: improving and rebalancing scalp and hair conditions, this range of targeted products for specific hair types draws on the very latest in hair care research.
  2. colour profession: a series of brilliant shades for worry- and hassle-free colour, with total protection for the hair.
  3. finish profession: enables you to create your own look, creating a stylish finish and long-lasting hold.


fascinating experience


Farmen’s international guarantee

A specialist in high-profile hair treatments, farmen brings the all-round professional hairdresser’s touch – the number one in the industry and the most popular with clients – to every beauty store.

Known and loved by hair care professionals, fascinelle is available through leading beauty salons and distributed in over 60 countries worldwide: from France to Australia and from the United States to Japan.